Fatal mistake made by the US experts on evaluation of Ukrainian population.

1193736The United States of America clearly underestimate the amiability of Ukrainian population towards United States. Furthermore, the US apply entirely erroneous strategy in creating friendly environment in Ukraine. The misconception lies in fact that the operations are proceeded with the same tools as in in Europe or even Third World countries, which clearly eggravates the situation.

 By its nature the population of Ukraine is friendly quoad the USA.

The spirit of freedom is initially inherent in our nation. Same as in the USA, there never was any tyrant ruling, and any dictator governed Ukraine. Thereby, the consiosness of people is clearly distinguished between Ukraine and Europe with Russia. That is why Ukrainians are mentally closer to the people of the US.

So there is actually no need in any kind of social projects, aimed to increase an amiability of Ukrainians for USA.

Moreover, occuring delays in determined and evident rapprochement of Ukraine and US are harmful and hazardous. And not just that the people of Ukraine are initially friendly towards USA, but also they had aspired to this kind of rapprochement for years already.

You may ask: but how about the sociological studies?

Sociological studies (which were mostly conducted by the enemies of Ukraine) show greatly understated level of friendliness towards USA. Those studies show that people of the Eastern part of Ukraine support Russia. Those are our enemies who need this fake information for further manipulations.

Furthermore, those who work in American programs for the sake of friendly environmental and sociological studies are interested in prolonging the process of funding in order to increase an amiability of Ukrainians for USA. However, this white lie can be fatal for Ukraine.

Russian Federation, knowing about it, keeps misrepresenting various facts about Ukrainian attitude towards the US. Unfortunately, Ukrainian government is also interested in the situation where the active proamerican position will not be demonstrated, as for the inactivity of our government would be evident.

Even the best sociological studies put such question on Ukrainian citizens as: “USA or Russia?”. However, the right way to ask the question would be: “Are you for or against the military-political alliance with USA?” They would receive stunning results.

The truth is that 2.5% of Ukrainian population applied for Green Card;

20% of Ukrainians can openly talk about their adherence to American model of the effective society and freedom of minds.

Ukrainian people got used to survive in conditions of extreme pressure from the side of our powerful and aggressive neighbor; got used to an extensive presence of Kremlin`s special services. Thereafter, 60% of Ukrainian population will only inform of their adherence to USA in case of guaranteed anonymous voting.

Ukraine became a victim of political games between Europe and Russia already for numerous times. Apparently, more confident and consistent actions from the side of the USA could provide to Ukraine confidence in the fact that our people will not become a part of such games anymore.

Meanwhile, the American Dream seems remote and unattainable to the majority of people in Ukraine.

Though, as soon as you show them the embodiment of the American Dream can be achieved in Ukraine – they would show their pursuit and appreciation. It is really important to perform decisive actual realization of smaller actions for the people to get confident in facts that the real democracy will really appear in Ukraine.

Those who do not support the American model form only 5% of the population. And still, 99% prefer American Dollar to Euro as a store of value.

To say the truth, we are talking about movement towards the European Union only because there are no active actions from the USA.

So let’s not be scared of Russian propaganda talking about USA forces being located on the territory of Ukraine, because they are already talking about it regardless the fact that there are none.

Therefore, there is no need in holding back our wish to build free society based on non-European model, which is spiritually close to an American one! Just like there is no need in delay of the comeback of American airplanes to an aerodrome of Poltava.

God bless USA!

Former colonel, Michael Prytula, Ukraina, Kiev

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