painters delight continued

Published February 23, 2024 tag category
painters delight continued

For those who have read the previous tale this is an update.

To recap, what started off as a desire for a mfm threesome with my wife turned a little when she unexpectedly did the very same indian santali xvideo with two younger co workers.  It was such an amazing feeling for me that she enjoyed it so much that we conspired for her to continue with me getting my jollies listening to the descriptions of her escapades.

I enjoyed dressing her up for her dates, tight pvc dresses /latex/">latex wear, heels and anything shiny and wet look.  The fun went on for over six months until one of the guys started serious dating, and although the wife was miffed at him for a while she understood that her liaisons had to end sometime.

So i set about another plan of mine. May as well end it with a bang i said to her. She agreed to my plan.  She was to let the guys know that i had found out about the regular alain lyle porn threesome thing and that i was mad.  I was so mad i was going to out them to their boss which would have had serious consequences to their jobs and promotion possibilities. They were /scared/">scared shitless according to my wife and even more scared when she told them i would be calling them both for an explanation.

i made the call, and sure enough you could feel the fear on the phone.  i told them i wanted a face to face meeting at my house on the upcoming Friday, 7 pm sharp.  My wife pretended to be horrified and advised them to attend.  They duly arrived and sat on the couch in the lounge while i belated them about their behavior.  my wife in the meantime had gone to the bedroom and put on an amazingly tight ,blue pvc dress. (Im getting a stifle just thinking about it).

The boys made sorry excuses and pleaded that i didnt raise the subject with their bosses even though it would also look pretty /bad/">bad on my wife.  time for the plan.

I told them it was over, all except for one last time. They looked confused for a second which coincided with my wife entering the room. their eyes bulged when they saw her standing there ,red lips long red nail pvc dress and really high high heels.

i looked at them and announced. . your going to fuck her in front of me right now.  do it properly and i will forget the whole thing

SHOCK AND AWE. the only way to describe it.  My wife sat between them on the couch and put her hands straight on their groins.  She leaned over to one of them and pouted fuck me then leaned over to the other and said the same. smiles soon cracked on their faces, their hands found my wifes breasts ,their cocks were out and hard, and after a few minutes bore the signs of a red lipstick blowjob... I sat and watched the take her in all sorts of positions. she was wild knowing how turned on was, they were wild putting on a show for me and i was wild sitting there jerking myself as i watched them penetrate and pump her for more than an hour.

When it was all over they shyly dressed ,not much was said but as they left i told them i would keep my promise.  with the door locked i quickly joined my wife on our bed.  she asked if i enjoyed. What i saw. . . . duh

I went down on her and tasted the two boys all over her vagina, so damn sexy. . she orgasmed again an then we fell asleep. . . . hell of a night for all concerned

Got to work on my next plan now. . . . just need a couple of younger guys!!