Naturist Fun 2

Published February 28, 2024 tag category
Naturist Fun 2

The night before it was Nick and his /girlfriend/">girlfriend Fiona, (naturist fun). The following morning I was about to have breakfast, xxx pondering what might happen in the day when a knock came to the door. It was Nick, with a smile on his face and nothing else on his /cute/">cute body. "Fionas /dad/">dad, Steven thought you might like to join us for breakfast." "Sure," I replied. My first thought was this could turn into a family gang bang so who was I to refuse.

I followed Nick to their apartment next door and when inside, realised it was just Steven, Nick and me. "Hi Dan" said Steven. "The girls have gone to the beach already, so?" he trailed off and smiled as Nick reached for my cock and smiled at me. Steven smiled too as Nick took my cock into his mouth and began to suck on my hardening shaft.

Steven moved closer and pulled at my nipples. We were similar build, with plenty of hair. His cock was meaty and felt good to touch and hold as we kissed; though I am pleased to say that mine was thicker! Nick gobbled away at both cocks eating hungrily. He certainly did love Daddy cock. Steven and I pulled at each others nips and kissed with tongues pressing into each others mouths. We pulled Nick to his /feet/">feet, standing him between our bodies, facing Steven. Hands exploring our bodies, his ass cheeks were pushed against my rock solid dick while Stevens cock pressed hard against his stomach.

He kissed Steven while I fingered his hole, it was tight and he moaned loudly as I pushed my finger inside him. Steven leaned back against a table, making Nick bend over to suck him, and exposing his smooth ass. Steven winked at me; "go on, you will enjoy it" was all he said as I spat on my hand, rubbed it on Nicks ass and slowly entered him with my /cock/thick-cock/">thick cock. "Ohhhhh" was his first word. "Fuck me Daddies" were his next words and both Steven and I fulfilled his wishes. His ass was very tight around my cock and with long hard thrusts I stretched his ass. And he was gagging on Stevens cock as Steven fucked his face with his /hairy/big-hairy/">big hairy nuts slapping off Nicks lips.

Steven reached again for my nips, his eyes running down my chest and stomach to my cock as I fucked Nick. "Youre fucking hot Dan" he said. He leaned forward to kiss me, pulling on my nips. I grabbed his long haired head and pulled him down to bend over Nick so that he was lying porn videos download almost on top of him; his face just above Nicks ass, he dropped some spit on my cock, I took it from Nicks ass and slid it into Stevens mouth. He sucked really well for a married guy! Not his /first-time/">first time for sure.

I switched from /mouth/ass-mouth/mouth-to-ass/">mouth to ass and back again, each of them pleasuring my cock. Steven then stood up and with a loud grunt unloaded his cum into Nicks mouth. All this time Nick had been jacking off and started to cum; I kept fucking him as he dropped his spunk onto Stevens feet and that was enough to send me over the edge, pulling out my dick and shooting cum over his back.

It was a good morning fuck and there was more to come.