Sashans Seduction 1

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Sashans Seduction 1

When Sashan entered the tent, she found Dahaka laying on the bed” ..his chest uncovered and his eyes clearly showing his lust. He gave a lecherous grin and chuckled as Sashan closed the flap of the tent. Sashan was wearing a long robe covering her body except her face” ” she stood in front of Dahaka's bed and gave a confident smile.
”Well my dear” said Dahaka ”I have kept my end of the bargain” ” now it is your turn.”

Sashan smiled and said,” Ofcourse ”and she undid her robe” ” .and let it fall to the ground. She was wearing a belly dancer costume, a black cloth that covered her nice breasts with a knot at the back, a black loincloth covering her hips and thighs and held in place by a knot below her navel and a gold belly chain that /hung/">hung from her waist encircling her torso” ” the small navel ring was shining in the light of the fire that burnt on the stand near Dahakas bed.
Dahaka let out a long sigh” ..and savored the sight in front of him” ..Sashan was the best thing that had happened to him since the past 18 years” ..and for Dahaka the only thing more important than Sashan was the small item that she was carrying in her satchel.
”Where is the potion?” he asked

Sashan turned and removed a small vial of dark liquid from her bag” ”  ”Here it is.” And she threw it to Dahaka. He caught it and eagerly drained the contents of the vial and sat in his bed” ” waiting for the potion to work its magic.
Dahaka could feel the potion rejuvenate his entire body” ..his stomach which was flabby and loose became tight like stretched rubber, the wrinkles on his hands and face vanished, his limbs felt more powerful and his cock was once again thick and hard” ” .Dahaka had shed 18yrs. in a matter of seconds.

He let out a loud roar” ” and laughed heartily” ” .Now he was ready for the ultimate prize” ..the prize that he wanted ever since he saw Sashan come into his camp 4 days ago.
”Now my precious, show me what you can do.” And he spread his arms and relaxed in his bed” .

Sashan smiled naughtily and started to sway her hips and dance” ..and make every curve on her body move in a seductive way” ..and she could not help but laugh inside her head as to how easily she achieved her goal” ”
4 days ago Sashan entered the camp of Dahaka Khan” ” wearing a hunters dress that covered her torso but showed off her legs and thighs. Sashan was a resident of a nearby monastery” ” although not a person who believed in God she liked the harmony of the place and so agreed to stay there, but the monks were often tormented by the bandits that lived in the area” ” to put a stop to this she sought out Dahaka Khan, the most notorious bandit in the region to ask for his help. She knew that it would take strong persuasion to get Dahakas approval and that her body alone will not be adequate payment, so she took a small vial of the Youth potion with her” ” as expected, Dahaka wanted her in his bed but when he saw the effects of the youth potion on himself, he wanted both Sashan AND the potion. Dahaka agreed to rid the area around the monastery of the bandits in exchange for Sashans Company and the potion.

Sashan danced seductively in front of her captive audience” ” and then slowly made her way to Dahakas bed” ..she climbed on the bed and leaned forward” ” her hand on either side of Dahakas waist she opened her mouth and licked his abdomen” ” making a line up towards his chest

”Ahhhhh” ” your tongue is soft” moaned Dahaka” ” Sashan licked his nipples and sucked them one after the other” ” and bit them gently and made him moan louder” ” Then she licked his neck and his earlobes and then pulled the lower part of his lip with full hd xvideo download her teeth and gave him a very intense kiss” ” sucking his tongue deep in her mouth and massaging his tongue with hers. Dahakas hands were on her back and he found the knot that held her top in place” ” he gripped it with his hand and the other hand was feeling her soft slender waist. Sashan reared up and sat on this lap and made her chest dance in front of his face” ” Dahaka slowly untied the knot behind her back and watched as the cloth melted away and showed her nice firm breasts” ” Dahaka licked her breasts and kissed them free porn movies download hungrily” ” Sashan moaned in delight” ” it was a long time since she had any male company. She moved her hips in a circular motion” ..massaging his lap and his cock which was getting harder and harder with every swing. She leaned back and elevated her navel in front of him” ” he kissed the navel gently and licked the area around the belly button” ” ” Sashan purred in /ecstasy/">ecstasy and made her belly move like waves in the ocean and Dahakas tongue riding those waves” ” Sashan was breathing heavily now” ” and moaning at each lick of Dahakas tongue.

”Unnnnnhhhhhh”” ” ” she moaned and clutched the bed sheet in her palms” ” ” licking her lips and swaying her waist and hips side to side” ” ”  Dahaka made his way up her abdomen and between her breasts and sucked on the nipples” ” ” a shooting pleasure went through Sashans body and she arched her back and closed her eyes” ” ” she started to laugh and moan at the same time for she was thoroughly enjoying herself. Dahaka dipped his head and bit down on the knot below her navel” ” his breath falling on the belly and making it quiver, he held the knot firmly between his teeth and tugged on it. The knot opened and the loincloth was ready to be unwrapped, Sashan moved away and stood in front of the bed” ” only the loincloth formed a bridge between them, Sashans eyes clearly displayed her intent. Dahaka smiled and tugged on the loincloth, slowly unwrapping it and Sashan began to turn and turn with every tug” ” ” until finally” ” the loincloth was no longer on her body. She stood there in front of Dahaka completely naked and with a wicked grin on her face. Dahaka grinned back and removed the bed sheet covering his lap and lay there with his cock standing tall at 7.5 inches and 3 inches thick” ” throbbing like a bull. Sashan fixed her gaze on the massive cock and went towards him.
Outside the tent, the guards were indulging themselves by looking at the shadows of their leader and the beautiful woman” ” they could see that their leader had shown his cock and was waiting in anticipation and then they saw the woman walking towards him, when the woman reached the bed she crawled towards the cock like a cat and licked the tip and then licked the rod up and down before taking it into her mouth completely. They could hear their leader grunt and moan in delight as the woman was feasting on his cock like a hungry beast” ” her head bobbing up and down and her hands around the shaft rubbing it continuously. Then the woman released the cock and the men could see the shadow of some cum sticking to her lips” ” it was then that their leader grabbed the woman by her shoulders and laid her on her back and stood before her” ” his cock erect to its maximum capacity.

Dahaka had never enjoyed such a blowjob before” ” and now he was about to do what he did best” ” the missionary pose. He put Sashan on her back and Sashan opened her legs and displayed her clean pussy and purred like a cat” ” inviting him in her” ” Dahaka walked to her and entered the tip gently” ” making Sashan gasp a bit” ” he entered her a bit more and Sashan was moaning with her hands above her head and her belly moving like the ocean” ” Dahaka was enjoying the look of pleasure on her face and so he entered her a bit more” ” leaned forward and kissed her” ” chewing on her lips and then licking her neck” ” but then Sashan put her legs around his hips and pushed him inside” ” and she cried out in pleasure” ”
”AHHHHHHHHHHH””” ” Even Dahaka was taken by /surprise/">surprise and even he bellowed in delight” ” Then Dahaka fucked her pussy in rhythm” ” in and out in and out” ” Sashans hands were on his butt and she was clawing him with every thrust that he made” ”
””More” ” ..more” ” ” more” ” ” more” ” ” more” moaned Sashan and Dahaka complied with equal enthusiasm and force” ” then he turned her over and entered her ass” ” spanking it several times till it turned red” ” and then watching the waves on the buttocks everytime he pounded her ass” ”

””Uh” ” uh” ” ” uh” ” ” uh” ” ” uh” grunted Dahaka until finally he felt that his cock was going to explode” .He took his cock out and cummed on her butt and then flipped her over and dumped the rest on her torso, breasts and face” ” and collapsed beside her” ” Sweating, heaving and breathing heavily.

Sashan too was breathing heavily but unfortunately Dahaka came before she could and this left her a bit disappointed” ” but then she heard a noise outside and realized that the guards were upset that the show got over too soon” ” ” A wicked smile went across her face and she got out of bed, dressed and made her way towards the tent entrance” ” Leaving Dahaka asleep with a content smile on his face.