Hot As Ice

Published February 28, 2024 tag category
Hot As Ice

Once again, my mind has wandered to you, as I lay awake in the late hours of the night. I start to imagine, just as my hands begin to move...

I'm laying on my mattress, which rests on the floor. The tv is on, but that's not what I'm paying attention to. You are lying on my brother Phillip's mattress, which also rests on the floor, against the wall diagonal from mine. Kevin, my half nephew, has fallen asleep some time ago on milf porn videos his home-made mattress of quilts and blankets, in between our two beds in the center of the room. No one in the house is awake, and all of the lights and tvs throughout the house are off. As you flip through the channels, I gaze at your body, your lower half covered by your blanket. I damn the air conditioning for causing you to use it, then continue trailing up your body with my eyes. You're topless, lying on your side, your chest slowly rising and falling. The veins in your arms are protruding from your skin, but I feel no need to ask why. I finally look to your face, and see that you're looking back at me. I see your eyes follow the uncovered curves of my legs, my hip, my side... When you look into my eyes, a chill goes through my body. I see a familiar gleam in them as your eyes continue to make me shake. I reluctantly look away from you and sit up. I pretend like I wasn't just drooling over you and turn my attention to the tv. You go to the TV Guide and scroll through the movie channels. You linger over the /softcore/softcore-porn/">softcore porn before you continue to browse through. Finally you decide on Transformers. I comment in my head at how often this movie happens to be on. I hear you moving on Phillip's bed, and turn my head to see you've sat up and are leaning against the wall. I stare a little too long before returning my gaze to the movie. I start to think about your eyes again, and another shudder passes through me.

"You wanna come sit by me?" You ask. "You're shaking an awful lot."

I look at you and see a devilish smile on your face; you know what I want. I agree and get on all fours and crawl my way over to you. I get close to you and lay down, my head on your blanket-covered lap, your hand on my side. I move my right hand under the blanket to your upper thigh and freeze; my breathing stops, my legs feel like rubber, and my pussy starts to tingle, a feeling I've grown to love. Between my hand and your leg, covered by pajama pants, is your cock, warm and hard. At the feeling of my hand touching against your dick, your hand on my side tightens, and you start to make your way under my shirt. I can tell by your breathing that you're happy I chose not to wear a bra, and you start to play with my nipples. I let out a tiny moan and start to stroke your dick through your pajamas. You begin to lift my shirt, and I sit up to help you take it off. I turn to you and kiss your lips softly. I pull away and sit on your lap, positioning myself so that my pussy is right on your cock. I start to grind against you, my hips moving back and forth, my cunt rubbing against your dick through your pants.

My breathing gets faster and the pace of my hips starts to speed up. I lose myself and moan, loud. Your hand shoots over my mouth, quickly stopping me from moving and cutting off my noise. I hear Kevin moving and we both turn to look at him. He slightly moved and is still sleeping. I let out my breath after holding it for 10 of the longest seconds of my life, and collapse on the mattress, facing the tv. You spoon me from behind and cover us with the blanket.

I feel your /dick/dick-hard/">dick hard against my ass and I start to shake and grind involuntarily against you. My pussy tightens and releases, waiting to be filled. I feel an ever growing wetness on my panties, and can't wait for you to take them off of me and lick my juices. My clit is throbbing and I want to rub it and finger myself just so I can cum, but I tell myself you can do that for me. Your left hand finds its way to my hip, and you rub up and down my side, giving me goosebumps and sending shudders down my spine. I start to breathe harder and press my back onto your chest. You move your hand to my breasts and again start playing with my nipples, pinching them and lightly flicking, causing my muscles to tense up, waiting for whatever else you have ready for me.

You whisper softly in my ear, telling me to turn around. I turn and face you and you greet me, once again, with a kiss. Our tongues slip between our lips and move and thrash together. I pull away and start to pant. You lightly laugh and give me a quick kiss before sitting up and laying me on my back. You take my hands and lay them above my head on the mattress. I stop you and reach under my pillow and hand you a pair of handcuffs. You look at me funny and ask,

"When did these get there?"

"I put them there earlier, while you were in the shower. I thought I might need them..."

You smile and handcuff my wrists together. I try and get my hands out to make sure they're tight enough, and I find that they are. You stand over me and I see that you're hard as hell under your pants. I lick my lips and wait to see what you're gonna do to me. Surprisingly, I see you walk out into the hallway. I think of getting up and blowjob porn videos calling your name, when you come back with a blindfold and a belt. My heart is beating so hard I can barely think, my breathing is getting quicker, and I can't control my body from shaking and writhing on the bed. You close the door and lock it, then walk back over to me.

You kneel down and kiss my forehead before tying the blindfold around my eyes. I hear you stand up and the next thing I know, you're tying my ankles together with the belt. You tighten it so much that I feel it dig into my skin. I try to stay quiet, but another moan creeps out of my mouth. You bend down quick and one hand covers my mouth, while the other clutches at my throat. My body continues to shake in pleasure.

"If you make one more noise," You start to say, "then you're not getting any more of me. I will stop right now and I won't touch you again. Got it?"

The only thing I can do is nod, because I'm in such pure /ecstasy/">ecstasy that all I made out of your instructions was "One more noise.... Stop right now... Won't touch you again.." I feel you moving over me and you whisper to me for me to sit up. I do and readjust my arms so they are comfortable behind my back. You grab my hair and pull, hard, making me gasp. You pull my head towards you, my hair still tangled around your fingers. After what seems like an eternity of waiting, your cock head is touching my lips, a drop of your precum dripping down. I go to lick it, but then remember that you're in control of me right now. I sit impatiently and wait for your instructions. You order me to kiss your dick, and I happily oblige. After a quick peck, you pull my head back.

"Open your mouth."

I open my mouth a little, and when your cock touches my lips again, I open it wider, waiting for you to put it in. You pull my mouth onto your dick and I feel you let out a little shudder, along with a slight gasping moan. You only give me the head, and you tell me to lick and suck it. I flick my tongue against the very tip and then take it into my mouth, making little slurping sounds everytime my mouth slides off. You pull my head back again.

"You little cunt," you start to say. "Now you're gonna suck my dick. I want you to put it all it your mouth."

I shudder as you pull my mouth, once again, onto your cock. I take it halfway into my mouth and pull off. Every time I take it in, I go farther and farther, getting more of your /dick/hot-dick/">hot dick in my mouth. When it's at the back of my throat, you let out a quiet, pleased noise. I purr quietly, the vibrations /tickling/">tickling your cock. You push my head harder, your cock slipping deeper into my throat, my chin being pressed against your balls, your dark pubic hairs tickling me. I choke and gag a little on your dick and you pull my head off. I turn my face up to you and smile, little trails of my spit running down my chin. You wipe it off with the back of your hand. I hear you moving again, and feel your hands around the lace of my panties. I gasp, and you shush me.

You pull my /thong/">thong down to my knees and I lay back, allowing you to get it down to my tied-up ankles. I sit back up and you lightly kiss my cheek. I feel your hot breath on my, your lips traveling down to my neck. You bite me, light, and I shake again. You use your tongue to make a wet trail down to my left breast. You take my nipple between your teeth and lightly nibble on it, quickly causing it to go hard. You suck on it, your lips pressed against my skin, your tongue swirling around my nipples. I feel the juices of my pussy drip onto my thigh and my back arches, my nipple leaving your lips, the back of my head nearly touching the mattress.

I almost let out a moan, but instead collapse and turn onto my stomach, burying my face into Phillip's pillow, letting out a long muffled moan. I feel your hands on my ass, playing with it and squeezing it. I lift my ass, my face shoved against the pillow, my hands on my lower back.
I try to spread my legs, but almost fall back down. You run your fingers down my legs, giving me goosebumps, then untie the belt from around my ankles. I let out a sigh and reposition myself so my ass is up again. The glare of the tv makes my pussy juices shine. Transformers has just ended. "What I've Done" is playing quietly, and I move my hips to the beat. After a few lines of the song, I feel your hands on my hips. A chill goes down my spine, making my body grind, and my /pussy/wet-pussy/">wet pussy touches the tip of your /hard/hard-cock/">hard cock. I put my face back down into the pillow and feel more of you being pushed in to me. I moan loud, the pillow barely muffling the sound, and you take your cock out of me. You pull me up by my hair so that I'm sitting on my knees.

"You think I was joking about the noise, you loud /bitch/">bitch?"

You let go of my hair and walk out of the room. I walk on my knees as carefully as I can out of my room and into the hallway. I whisper your name loudly.

"Baby, no, please don't stop. I'll be quiet I promise. Please, I'm begging you..."

I fall onto my stomach in the dining room. I hear you walking, then feel one of your hands on my back.

"Shhh.... Quiet down. Crawl your ass back in that room and get on the bed."

I immediately obey your command, and stumble as I make my way back to my room. Once on the bed, I wait a few minutes, hearing noise in the kitchen. You come back in and kiss my lips, then take off my blindfold. I see /softcore/">softcore porn on the tv, muted. I look up at you and see you're still naked, your cock looking so hard I start to think it must hurt. You kneel over me and I finally notice you have a cup in your hand. You reach your other hand in and pull out an ice cube. I lick my lips and you trace around them with the ice, cold water dripping down the sides of my face. You run it down my chin to my neck, along my collarbones and down to my breasts.

My skin is so hot that the ice melts before you're able to use it on my nipples. You bring out a second ice cube and touch it onto my right nipple, circling it, forcing it to go hard. You bring it to my left nipple, making the skin tighten and that one to go hard as well. My breathing gets hard and I feel my juices slipping between the crack of my ass onto the sheets.

The second ice cube melts as you run it down the center of my stomach to my belly button. You once again grab another and start from my belly button and make a wavy trail to my right hip. I start to shake again, and I see you smile. You run the ice back and forth from bone to bone. My back arches and my stomach brushes your hard cock. You let out a deep sigh and push me, hard, back on the bed. I try to sit up but you hold me down. You get out another ice cube and follow the triangle of my barely-there pussy hair. You make your way to the center of the triangle and go straight down to my clit, lightly pressing on it with the ice. Shudders go through my body and I struggle hard to get out of my handcuffs, to pounce on you.

You continue to hold me down as you grab 2 final ice cubes and easily slide them into my dripping pussy. My inner muscles clench as the tip of your fingers exit after pushing the ice deep inside of me. You see my eyes closed tight and leave a trail of kisses down from my lips to my clit. I look down, investigating what you're doing, and see your tongue out, ready to lick up my juices. I wrap my calves around your neck and shake as your tongue flicks at my clit. With every light lick comes a shake to match it. You purse your lips and suck hard on my clit. I bite my lower lip in an attempt not to moan and gush all over Phillip's bed. More waves pass through me and I clench my legs tight around your neck. You look up at me and see I need to cum. You take my legs off of your neck, get up, and lay a towel on my bed. I crawl on my knees to you and start to lay back down.

"Oh no you don't," you whisper in my ear, "Get on your knees. I'll hold your wrists for you."

It takes a second for what you're saying to register as the waves of my orgasm continue to pass through me. You lay on your back, hand ready to hold my handcuffs to steady me. I straddle your face and lean over your cock, the head touching my lips, precum dripping down. You hold me up by my wrists and reach your other hand around my hips to lower my pussy down. Water from the ice cubes mixed with the juices from my pussy drop on your lips. You open your mouth and reach out your tongue, flicking my clit hard, making me shake. You lower me down onto your cock, filling my mouth. I choke when it reaches the back of my throat and you pull me up a little.

Your hand loosens on my wrist as you focus more on my dripping cunt. I suck you slow, taking all of your delicious dick into my mouth. I moan when it's at the back of my throat, knowing the vibrations will reach your cock. You let out a deep breath and lift your hips, shoving all of you into my mouth. You suck harder on my clit, your tongue penetrating my wet center. I lick all around the head of your cock, flicking the tip with my tongue. I stop teasing and deep throat you, choking but enjoying every minute of it. I take your throbbing dick out of my mouth and lean forward, sucking and licking at your balls. You put your tongue deeper into my pussy and I put your dick back in my mouth to quiet myself down. You suck on my clit a final time and I gush into your mouth, feeling as you suck up every last drop. I feel ready to collapse, but I don't stop until finally I feel your /cum/hot-cum/">hot cum in the back of my throat.

Once we're both done, I fall over on my side, kissing your thigh. You sit up and kiss a trail from my hips to my lips. We kiss, deep and probing, for what feels like a lifetime. You lay down next to me and ask,

"Hey, where are the keys?"

I giggle. "You want me untied so soon? We can take a break, and use them again... If you want."

I give you a devilish smile and lay with my head on my pillow.

You lie down behind me, spooning me, your right hand holding my breast. We hear Kevin move, and you cover us with a blanket.

"What if he wakes up and sees us?" I ask.

"Who cares? He won't know what's going on." You reply.

I let out a sigh. "Can we at least turn off the tv, just in case he wakes up?"

You kiss my neck, grab the remote and click off the tv. You lay behind me again and I feel you getting hard.

"Wow, already?" I whisper. "Looks like we're gonna have a long night.."

I get close to you and as we start to fall asleep, I think about how the rest of the night will turn out.