A Lisa in need

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A Lisa in need

It was a sat. Night about 11pm and I was just drifting off to sleep when the phone rang. I slipped out of bed and went to the phone in the dinning room not to wake my wife. ’John its Lisa my car will not start again’. It was friend. She had car problems earlier in the week. ’I told you that this would happen again and you needed to get it fixed. Where are you?’ ’I am on 12th the 500 block on the left you can see the car’ I notice as Lisa was giving me the directions that she wwwxxx was slurring her words, I figured that she had been out with some of her friend at the bars. ’Ok give me a couple of minutes and I will be there.’ Thanks honey you are a sweet heart’ Lisa said as she /hung/">hung up the phone. I went back into the bedroom as Sue rolled over she said’ who was that on the phone?’ ’It was Lisa again her car will not start; I will be back as soon as I can’. With that I grabbed my glasses of the night stand and headed to my bathroom. Still half asleep I took off my t shirt and pj bottoms and grabbed a pair of jeans. I didn’t figure I need any underwear they would just be one more thing to change in and out of. I went to the closet and grabbed a t shirt and put it on. It was just a white undershirt but I did not care it was late. I grabbed my keys, wallet and cell phone, slipped on my loafers (no socks to lazy to bother with them) and headed out.

As I drove down 12th still trying to wake up I saw her car in the drive way of a nice little house. I pulled in behind her car and grabbed the flash light from under my seat. As I got out of the car Lisa came out the house. She stumbled a little as she came over to me. She was followed by two girls I would guess to be about her age, they to have a little trouble walking. It was obvious from that Lisa and the other girls had on that they had been out to the bars. Lisa had a black two piece outfit on. The top had short sleeves and was low cut in the front it should off her cleavage. It was tight fitting as it hugged her chest and rolled over her slim waste. It stopped just above her skirt leaving a gap to show off a little of her tan stomach. Her shirt was a short one that was pleated and flared out at the ends. As I looked at her I thought of one of the conversation we had had about how she does not wear any panties and wondered if she had any one under that short skirt. Lisa and I have had a very open relationship. 

We could and did talk about everything from sex and our bodies to the weather. One of the other girls was wearing a brown leather vest with one shirt under it. It too was very tight on her and hugged her skinny frame and small chest; she had on very tight blue jeans. They were so tight I did not she how she got into them because they clung to every cover of her body. The other girl had on a nice white blouse with ruffles. It was loose fitting but you could still tell that she had a nice sized chest. She also was wearing a wrap around shirt that came down past her knees and was black.
As I looked at all three young girls I took a deep breath and thought as sexy as these three look them much have felt a lot of guys hard and horny in the bars.

Lisa came up to me and gave me a big hug and said ’Oh thanks you so much for coming out and helping me I don’t know how I could ever repay you’. As she hugged me she pressed her soft boobs into my chest and her stomach into my crotch. As she did I realized that I had started to get hard from wondering if she had any underwear on under that short skirt. I hoped that she didn’t notice my semi /hard/hard-dick/">hard dick pressing into her stomach. ’That’s ok that’s what friends are for’ I said as we broke our embrace. Lisa walked around the car and slid in and tried to start it. ’ Ya it’s the starter again alright’ I said as I get down on the ground and slowly slid under the car. I turned on the flash light and found the starter and beat on it a couple of times. ’Go ahead and try it again’. ’What I can’t hear you’ Lisa said. I slide my head back out from under the car. As I did I Looked up and said ’I iiiiiiii’’’’ as I looked up Lisa was standing right there and I had come out from under the car between her legs. And No she was not wearing any underwear. 

There facing me face to face was a beautiful bald pussy I had ever seen. All I could do was layer there mouth open looking at her pussy lips. Lisa looked down and said ’what did you say’ as she looked down she smiled a little as she noticed where my head was. She turned her head and looked back at her friends who were giggling because they say where my head was and knew that I was getting an eye full of. The one in the wrap around skirt still feeling pretty drunk grabbed her skirt and pulled it up flashing her thong covered mound at Lisa. As she did that the other girl standing next to her put one arm around her and took her other hand and rubbed her friends pussy until the thong disappeared between her wet lips. all Lisa could do was to say’ Oh god’ and quickly the girl dropped her skirt covering her self up. Her voice brought be back to earth and /reality/">reality, ’ go head and try starting it again’. With that she turned and jumped back into the car and tried starting it. ’Yes’ Lisa hollered as the car started up. I slide out from under it and was dusting my self off when Lisa came up and gave me a big hug again. ’Thank you thank you’ she said as she gave me a kiss on the cheek. She let go a little but did and move hardly an inch from me. 

Her tits were still touching my chest she was standing so close. ’Oh you got so dirty under there’ with what Lisa started brushing the dirt off my back by pressing her body tight against mine and putting her arms around me. As she went down my back busting it off she came to my butt and instead of brushing it she slapped it a couple of time and looked up at me and just smiled. She knelt down as she brushed the back of my legs as she moved around to the front of my legs brushing them off slowly moving up I looked down and could see down her blouse at her tan round globes. As I did the bulge in my pants started to get bigger. As she got to the top of my legs she was staring right at the bulged in my pants. She stood up and grabbed my bulge for a second and said ’there got you all cleaned up’. ’Aren’t you going to introduces us’ said the girl in the leather vest. ’Oh John these are my friends Jennifer and Kim. ’HI John why don’t you come in for a second and get something to drink.’ Kim said as she came over to me and grabbed my arm and pulled me towards the house. Lisa said ’Yaw come John and stay for I second’. As she grabbed my other arm. ’I am a little thirsty’. With that Jennifer said ’I have something for you to drink’ as she turned and walked to the house.

As all four of use went into the house we entered the living room which was just lit by candles all around the room. ’Will get you something to back, Kim we need some music put something on’. Jennifer left the room and Kim put some music on and started dancing over to Lisa and they started dancing together slower and closer until they were dancing in each others arms. As they danced around Kim turned Lisa so her back was to me and slid her hands down until the cupped Lisa’s butt cheeks. When she slowly slide her hands up Lisa’s ass exposing her tanned ass cheeks to me> Kim just slowly danced there with her arms around Lisa holding her skirt up giving me a long look at her ass. I took a deep breath and shifted myself on the sofa as my cock started betting bigger and bigger. Lisa had her head on Kim’s shoulder and seemed to be in another world not knowing or caring that Kim was showing me her ass. Lisa lifted her head off of Kim’s shoulder and gave her a long kiss sliding her tongue in Kim’s mouth. Kim responded back by kissing Lisa back and sliding her arms up letting Lisa’s skirt to drop back over her ass. As the kissed and rock back and forth to the music they started to grind their hip together until they were grinding their pussies on each others legs. Just then Jennifer came back into the room looked at the two girls dance and walked over handed me a soda and walked up to the two girls dancing. 

Jennifer walked up to them and started to rub both girls back. As she did that Lisa and Kim broke their kiss and turned there attention to Jennifer and all three were dancing together. As they danced Lisa and Kim started to rub there hands all over Jennifer. They would each slide a hand up Jennifer waist to her chest and slowly rib her boobs through her leather vest. Lisa slowly took her other hand and started with the bottom button of the vest and undid them one at a time until they were all undone. At that point Lisa slid her hand under the vest to rub Jennifer nipple. Jennifer was not wearing a bra so Lisa and Kim had free access to Jennifer round tits. Slowly still dancing Lisa moved behind Kim as she moved in front of Jennifer. Lisa put her arms around Kim and grabbed one of Jennifer’s boobs and lifted it up offering it to Kim’s soft lips. Kim leaned her head forward and started sucking on Jennifer’s boob. As Kim and Lisa played with Jennifer’s body, Jennifer slid her hands around Kim’s waist and slowly pushed her skirt down until it fell to the floor. Kim was dancing sandwich in between Lisa and Jennifer nude from the waist down except for her g string which you could not even tell she had on since it was still buried in her /pussy/ass-pussy/ass-and-pussy/">ass and pussy crack. Jennifer slides her hand around to Kim’s front and in between her legs. As she did Kim let out a soft moan. Jennifer rubbed Kim cunt until she slid a finger past her wet lips and up her luv cannal. Slowly Jennifer finger fuck Kim right in front of me. As all this was going on Lisa had been nibbling on Kim’s neck and was un- buttoning Jennifer jeans and sliding down the zipper. Once Lisa had the zipper down she started to rub Jennifer and slide her hand in Jennifer’s pants until she was playing with Jennifer’s pussy. With that Jennifer took her free hand and moved it round Kim until she reached Lisa’s boobs. Jennifer rubber her boobs through her blouse for a second or to and then she started to un button Lisa’s blouse exposing Lisa’s boobs cupped by a lacey white bra. All of the sudden like she had forgotten that I was even there Lisa broke away from her dance and playing with her friends bodies and walked over to the couch and grabbed my hand and started playing me up saying ’come on you need to dance too’ ’no I am not much of a dancer’ I said trying to fight Lisa from pulling me up. As she kept pulling on my arm I finally gave in and got up. 

Lisa moved in close and started swaying backend forth to the music and slid her arms around me. I took her into my arms and held her close as we danced. As we danced on my cock got harder and harder until it was at full attention pressing into Lisa’s belly. ’Oh this feels so good’ Lisa said as she moved her hands down to my ass and held my bums in her hands. She slid her leg in between mine as we danced and started rubbing her crouch on my leg. As she did her short skirt rode up and /wet/pussy-wet/wet-pussy-lips/">wet pussy lips slid up and down my jeans leaving a wet trail. I looked over to see what Jennifer and Kim were doing, and oh my god. Kim had slid Jennifer’s pants down and off and was /fingering/finger-fucking/">finger fucking Jennifer’s bald cunt as they danced. I was entranced at the scene of they two girls dancing with there fingers on each other that I had not notice what Lisa was up to. She had unbutton my jeans and zipped down my zipper and was sliding down my pants. My /hard/hard-cock/">hard cock popped free as she slid them down. My pants were around my ankles and Lisa was on her knees only an inch from my dick. She licked her lips at the sight of pre cum oozing out of it. She opened her moth and slid my pole in. Placing one hand on the base of my dick and the other on my balls. ’Ohhhhh God’ is all I could say as she worked me like I have never been before. As Lisa was bobbing up and down on my hard cock and sucking away Jennifer and Kim glanced over and smiled. With that they started to take the rest of each others clothes off kissing each area that they were exposing. Some Jennifer and Kim were dancing totally nude skin to skin there hands running all over each others bodies and kiss each other the most wild kiss I had seen. 

They slowly moved to the floor where Jennifer laid down with Kim on top in a 69 position. Kim’s ripe boobs hung there as she lowered her face to Jennifer’s pussy and slid her tongue between her lips. Jennifer grabbed the sides of Kim’s ass and lowered it to her face and started to eat Kim out. It was too much for me and I grabbed the back of Lisa’s head and shoved up dick in further in her mouth. I came white cream spurt after spurt and Lisa suck and drink it all like there was no tomorrow. After I emptied my load in Lisa’s mouth she slid her lips off my softening rod and licked her lips. Oh that teased so good, said Lisa as she stood up. She looked straight in my eyes and slid her blouse off and grabbed the top of her skirt and slid it down to the floor stepping out of it. Then slowly she slid her hands over her round globes to the center and undid the clasp of her bra freeing her round melons. She slides her bra off and it fell to the floor. 

There she was standing only inches from me totally nude. She slid her hands under my t shirt and slid it up as she said’I want you in me, I want to feel you /pussy/pussy-cum/cum-in-my-pussy/">cum in my pussy’. As she slides my shirt over my head I kicked off my shoes and stepped out of my jeans. Now everyone was nude and the sexual electricity filled the room. ’I don’t know if I can get hard again’. Lisa smiled and said ’leave that to us’. ’Girls can you come over here and help me get this thing hard again’. She grabbed my soft dick and held it out to the girls. Jennifer and Kim looked up from each others pussies and smiled, ’it would be our pleasure’ Kim said as she rolled off Jennifer and they both got up and walked over to Lisa and I. ’Honey you just let us girls take care the wwwxxx of you and lay down’ said Lisa. I lade down on the floor on my back. Lisa sat down just above my head, Jennifer spread my legs apart and took a seat in between them and Kim sat down on my right side. There I was laying on the floor with nothing on and three lovely girls sitting around me. 

Six mouth watering boobs hanging over me and three shaved pussies’ only inches from me. Lisa moved up and over my head and lowered her pussy to my face. I stared licking and sucking her wet mound oh she tasted so good. Jennifer side up my legs and lowered her cunt onto my soft shaft. She started sliding bake and forth rubbing her juices all over my crotch. Kim leaned over my chest pressing her /nipples/hard-nipples/">hard nipples into my side and started kissing and sucking my nipples. Lisa and Jennifer locked eyes and slowly moved there heads together and started French kissing each other as they rode my mouth and prick. This left no room for Kim to play with my chest so she sat up and said ’Well be like’. With that Kim got up and left the room and in a couple of seconds returned with a dildo. Kim sat down next to all of us and spread her legs wide. She slowly slide the rubber cock in her /pussy/wet-pussy/">wet pussy as she watched Jennifer slide her pussy down my shaft which was coming back to life and starting to get hard again. 

Kim pushed the dildo forwards and further and further in her cunt. By now my head was swimming and my dick was hard. Jennifer slid up and over the end of my hard dick and as she slid back it slid in her pussy. ’Oh shit it feels so’’ is all Jennifer could say. She closed her eyes and just let my shaft fill her. Lisa not wanting to be left out on the sexual assault on Jennifer leaned forward and took one of Jennifer’s nipples in her mouth and placed her hand on the other. Lisa slowly started sucking Jennifer’s nipple harder and harder and was pinching her other one. As Jennifer rode my shaft her body could not take this all out assault in it any more. Her body started to shack. She was shacking uncontrollably and started to cum and cum and cum. Her pussy juices flooded out over my cock and all over my crotch socking my pubic hair. Jennifer fell half on me and half on the floor. As she did my cock popped out of her cunt. Kim so turned on the sight of Jennifer coming she started to cum. slamming that rubber dick harder and harder in her and pinching her own nipples so hard. Juices flooded out of her as she came back down to earth from her sexual high. She slowly laid down on the floor inches from Jennifer trying to catch her breath. Jennifer could not move she was sweating and breathing hard. Jennifer rolled the rest of the way off me and laid the floor next to me and Kim trying to come back down to earth. 

As she did Lisa leaned forward and wrapped her lips around my dick and started to suck Jennifer’s juices off of it. She licked and sucked my /balls/ball-cock/cock-and-balls/">cock and balls clean of Jennifer’s juices. ’ Mmmmm I want some of that’ Lisa said as she slid off my mouth. ’Kim why don’t you let John eat you as I ride his rod. With that the girls took there positions. Kim over my face and Lisa over my dick. Lisa grabbed my dick standing it straight up and crouched over it putting her pussy lips on the tip of my cock. ’ I am going to ride you until you fill me with your /cum/hot-cum/">hot cum, said Lisa as she lowered her self on my hard dick. As she did Kim lowered her twat over my mouth and said ’Eat me good I want to cum all over your face’. With that I grabbed her ass and shred her cheeks so I could get better excess to her mound. I slid my hung on and lapped up her juices. Meanwhile Lisa was bouncing up and down up my shaft. Coming down harder and hared each time, pounding my dick into her pussy. As the girls were mashing their lower lips on me they started playing the pinching game. They would take turns pinching each others nipples seeing who could pinch the hardest and make the other give. Jennifer had recovered by now and was ready to go again. 

She stared to finger herself as she watched the show. ’Boy I could use some help over here’ Jennifer said as she opened her legs further. I slid my hand over her hip and over her smooth shaved mound to help her finger fuck herself. She started to rub the top of her lips as I slid one finger then two and three in her I ran them in and out of her in a nice slow pace. Lisa started to breath deeper as she increase the pace on my dick. Both girls’ nipples were hard and sore from their pinching game. Lisa and Kim looked into each others eyes and without saying a word they both leaned forward at the same time and gave each other a deep kiss. It was to much for Lisa and she started to cum, wave after wave, this set me off and I started to fill her with my creamy liquid. As I came I slid my hands up to Kim’s pussy and started to rub her lips and eat her like crazy. 

With my hand in Jennifer I started moving it in and out of her in rhythm with the rest of us. As Lisa and I were cumming together Kim started to cum on my face and Jennifer get out a squeal as she came. There we were all four of us coming at the same time. One by one we came down from the high of coming and clasped in a pile of bodies filled and /cum/red-cum/covered-with-cum/">covered with cum, pussy juice and sweet. We all laid there for awhile trying to catch our breaths. ’That was great’ said Lisa. We all smiled and said yes it was. I took over at the clock on the wall, ’oh shit I have to go I did not realize what time it was’ I said as I got up from the pile of nude bodies. I found my pants and slid them on folding my sour tired soft dick into them. Slipping on my shoes and shirt I headed to the door. Looking back at the site of three girls lying without anything on in a pile on the floor. 

I thought ’what a site I don’t think I have seen anything so beautiful or sexy’. As I left I said ’ if you girls are still up and going stop by my house after 6am and I will fix you breakfast’. Lisa got up and walked over to me at the door and gave me a /kissing/big-kiss/">big kiss and hug, ’ Thanks for a wonderful time, you are so good’. As I closed the door behind me Lisa returned to her friends on the floor and they all laid there holding each other and drifted off to sleep.

’ Did you get her car started’ my wife said as I slipped back into bed. ’ Yes I got her going real good’.