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Alcoholism is a state ideology of Russia


Alcoholism in Russia is quite different from alcoholism in the United States and the EU. In civilized countries, alcoholism is a disease. In Russia, Alcoholism is a first state ideology. The second one is anti-Americanism.

Soviet people used to say: “If you don’t drink with us today you will sell the Motherland tomorrow”.

Russian version: Россия страна победившего алкоголизма.

To drink alcohol in Russia meant to be faithful to the State. You don’t believe me, do you? So you think that in the country that drink more vodka than anyone else in the world there maybe a different way? Are you kidding me?

Have you ever drank vodka with Russians? Russian norm is at least 1 liter per person to say nothing of the beer.

AlkogolRuss1This is the most disgusting show in the world. You find yourself in the world where there is no logic and the highest value is respect to the remains of the human being which slowly dissolve in 40% ethanol solution…

After that anything is possible. Fighting. Stabbing. Murder. Public sex. Rape. Gang rape. Looting. Vomiting. Insults. Police. This is called “a drunken stupor”. Fun!

When going on a booze Russians are waiting exactly for that kind of events. And seek them. They do it for fun. Buying vodka and some snacks and planning a booze are accompanied by memories of a previous booze and its consequences.

Russian anecdote: A booze is going on. Someone’s demandingly knocking at the door. The hosts open the door and see a group of bullies. Ringleader of the hooligans asks “Have you ordered a fight”? The owner says: “No!”. The ringleader of the bullies says “I don’t fucking care! It is paid”. And breaks into the house and starts a fight. (Laughter).

These parties are often the only entertainment in the Russian hinterland. No other life.

In the morning after drinking all participants return to consciousness and face the need to justify their yesterday’s behavior. Shit. Ignorance. Rudeness. Fight. Murder. Sexual harassment to men. Impotence for men. Broken interior. Broken faces. Broken cars. Lack of money.

Russians usually say they do not remember what has happened yesterday. It’s much more easy. In this case there is no need to explain the hideous bestial behavior.

Russians can easily pretend they are not to blame for the events of yesterday as they do not remember anything. And say they will always love those to whom they were rude yesterday. Then they may sincerely do good.

This will continue until the next binge.

It’s a common Russian behavior towards the whole world. It is normal for all of Russia to take something from someone by force. Russia is once again drunk from the possibility to take something from someone with impunity. It is drunk from the opportunity to be “cool” by creating nothing. They are raving about the opportunity to kill with impunity, to plunder and lie.

Time goes by dawn. The withdrawal begins. Russia received the bodies of its unfortunate occupants who wanted to cash in on the war.

Now Russia will pretend that it is a cutie and that the girl does not remember anything. And we begin to hear a familiar tune that they are actually our brothers and that not all in Russia support the war. Drunk rednecks absolutely mad from the opportunity to kill, keeping silence for six months and endorsing robbery, they are beginning to repent now.

How impressive it is to see mobile phones with the flag of Ukraine in Moscow! Oh, someone has repented! Wow someone marched through Moscow and being drunk sang the national anthem of Ukraine! Oh, someone is sober now for he has received the corpse of his retarded son – the one who came to kill our sons.

It is not the reason for us to become calm and feeling. We shouldn’t forget Russia’s national ideology. Today Russian is drunk, tomorrow he will be sober, the day after tomorrow he will be drunk again. And so for centuries.

Yes, Russia will be sober for a while. Yes, there will be a riot or another show putsch. A Kremlin conspiracy is being prepared now. But it’s neither their merit, nor their stages of development, nor changes, nor spirituality.

Nothing personal, just alcoholism.

x-Colonel Michael Prytula,

Kyiv, Ukraine


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  • Сергій Кабуд

    The drunken, mentally insane white trash was so happy to commit mass murder for the last 6 month; they loved the murder and supported this massive robbery and did not say a word until now. But now the scum is already beginning to “repent”

    It makes me sick when some one in Moscow puts the flag of Ukraine on their mobile phone !

    Oh really, someone has repented?

    Oh, really, they marched through Moscow being drunk and sang the national anthem of Ukraine

    Oh, really, some drunken bitch got sober after getting the corpse of her moronic son who came to my land to kill our sons.

    We should NEVER EVER allow ourselves even to think that this is over, we should never forget or become relaxed or unaware

    This IS the Russian national ideology and Russian national character

    It was always like this and always will be like this: until we finish them ALL, once and for all. There is going to be NO MORE russia .

  • Карфаген должен быть разрушен!!! А кремлевско-карфагенское Х-ЙЛО должно быть уничтожено!!!!!!! Его кровавое существование СЛИШКОМ ДОРОГО СТОИТ РОССИИ, Украине и всему миру… У кого-то есть знакомый ПРОФЕССИОНАЛ по работе с КУКЛАМИ ВУДУ? По-другому к нему не подобраться. Путин сегодня – это ГИТЛЕР С ЯДЕРНЫМ ОРУЖИЕМ!!!!!! Будем ждать и надеяться на его “моральность” и “порядочность”??? Для него слово “мораль” – это ругательство. Или, наконец, сыграем на опережение??? Его досрочный конец спасёт тысячи, а, возможно, и миллионы жизней! Даже его окружение не знает, когда он остановится. А россиян в ближайшем будущем ждёт прозрение, раскаяние и благодарность всему миру за освобождение от сумасшедшего тирана, как немцев, освобождённых от гитлера в 1945-ом….

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