The Letter to Joe Biden from the People of Ukraine

120315023652-biden-file-story-topDear Brother Joe Biden,

I understand your perception of Ukraine, more precisely of its leaders, who, upon getting power, support of its own people and the United States, keep on robbing, and intensified corruption and personal degradation.

Believe me, there are millions of people in Ukraine who have the same opinion about our government.

The poor and unfortunate people rule in Ukraine. But they are not to blame.

They started calling themselves democrats only because they were against the grip of dictatorship and tyranny, but they have never aspired to become true democrats.

And obtaining power, they continued to behave as they got used, because no one taught them otherwise. Apparently, these people consider the US blind and stupid.

They think that Fragility State Indexes are irrelevant, in fact – they are unaware of its existence! Just as they have no idea about the Sustainable Development System, though they speak from the podium of the United Nations Sustainable Development Summit 2015…

When Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs Victoria Nuland or US Ambassador to Ukraine Geoffrey R. Pyatt says something to our “leaders” – they simply do not understand, at all. And it’s not their problem.

This is a problem of the world perception by thoseleaders in Ukraine who are themselves ignorant of the importance of the principles of “universal declaration of human rights,” and do not declare these principles in work, as well as educate its own people.

They have no clear and understandable criteria as well asthe answer to the question – “What are we building?” The US has no need to educate its population –it’s the task for public organizations.

In Ukraine, the issue should be covered by the President. But he does not know the answer. The justification of actions only by the protection of the territory from the Russian aggression against a background of internal corruption, and billions of dollars spent on election campaign advertising – cause bewilderment, at minimum.

Naturally, such a “dark” formation is unworthy of your eyes, and can claim only the role of agrarian appendage of the civilized world. The weakness of the territory ensures its accountability and the ability to use its resources. And I fully agree with you.

US presidents traditionally in their speeches give moral criteria, markers, focusing on which, it is possible to build future. So did the President Obama in his speech at the Nations Sustainable Development Summit in 2015 … Unfortunately, our leaders do not speak about the moral criteria, these markers are unknown to them.

Even the “Universal Declaration of Human Rights” is not a guide to such officials in Ukraine – Ukraine has not joined the signatories of this essential document for all mankind, which helps us all find a way to perfect society and personal changes.

Ukraine has a lot of thoughtful and patriotic people who look at the US with hope – to get not material wealth, but the Light and the successful model of the States.

Me, like many others, who fought for this purpose during the revolution of 2004 and 2013-2014, financially and technically assisted military and our children, who were at the forefront. Naturally, today most of the patriots of Ukraine and simple-minded people were pushed away from the issues of building a just state in Ukraine.

And now we ask America only about one thing –Freedom, freedom of creativity and development, practical application of best models of human society in Ukraine.

I see the future of Ukraine as an industrial and technologically developed state, built on the same principles as the United States, and not just friendly to the US, but spiritually close.

There are people able to create, who wish to develop Ukraine and who believe in the same values as Americans. There is rich land not only with soil and food, but also with other fossils like uranium, gold, all metals, oil and gas. We have all the conditions for the creation of an advanced civilization, and it should be used.

How to do it, you might ask?

American values of liberty, equality and fraternity are close to Ukrainian people. Historically,we have never had dictators and tyrants, we elected Hetmans. We have always fought against dictatorship and tyranny. This war has lasted for a thousand years.

But apart from the people we have government officials and oligarchs who simply do not know what to do. They are not to blame; no one told them about it. The structure of the mind of these people is that without having a new instruction, they continue to perform behavioral model of the Communist Soviet Union.

Even lustration and the fight against corruption they turn to corruption and profitable business.

It is foolish to ask them what they want. Hundreds of thousands of officials are waiting for a fabulous mythical “investor”, someone who will give money for the development of plants and factories “successfully” destructed by the very officials. At the same time they in every way hinder the development of Ukraine:without investors’ money nothing is done.

The situation in the first stage can be solved by giving them the right instruction.

Not Law, but merely an Instruction. You see, they want to get the right instruction. 20 years ago, before the appointment in the Supreme Council of Ukraine, Leonid Kuchma asked the deputies – “Tell me what kind of society we are going to build, and I will build it.”

5 years ago, one of Ministers of Crimea speaking to young people, said, “Give us the correct ideology and we will put it into practice correctly.”

Dear Senator, please get the message that thesepeople are unhappy, and the only thing they need is to get the right instruction.

But who will do it, if neither Prime Minister nor the President of Ukraine knows what to do? Please, help them! Your opinion is valuable for our officials. Prompt them that it is necessary to study the UDHR by heart, principles of Sustainable Development need to be explored and, at a minimum, focus on “Fragile States Index”.

It will save time – our only non-renewable resource.

You may decide to strengthen this initiative byproviding grants to NGOs.

After that it is possible to create in Ukraine the missing elements of institutional development and to balance the economy. Afterwards, we will be able to explain to the people how rich spiritually and materially they can become. Only then we can achieve peace and become a model of fair state structure on the territory of the former Soviet Union.

God bless America!

A sincere admirer of American values

Ex-Colonel Mykhailo Prytula, Ukraine



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